Jeremy Miller

Principal Architect

Registered Architect — California, New York, Oregon, Washington

Jeremy Miller has engaged in award-winning innovative conceptual design since 1988. He leads clients in a collaborative process to develop unique designs that are noteworthy for their high functionality and intrinsic beauty.

Widely recognized for his design, planning and execution, Jeremy convenes a diverse team of consultants, contractors, sub-contractors, craftspeople and artists to produce great works of commercial and residential architecture, interiors finishes and color, lighting design, graphics, landscape and hardscape.


John Court

Principal Architect

Registered Architect — New York, Washington

John Court is a generalist, hands-on architect passionate for the traditional craft of building with the incorporation of new building technologies and processes into the practice.

His interests span a wide gamut across all facets of architectural and interior design. His work on both large and small scale has crossed into commercial, retail, mixed use, and residential project types from New York City to Jakarta, Indonesia.


Jan Hromada

Lead Architect

Registered Architect — Washington

Jan Hromada is both a talented architect and designer. He balances the fine act of providing a progressive and functional program with the knowhow of getting the project through regulatory frameworks.

He is constantly evolving how things get done in the office.


Andrew Noel

Graphic Designer

Andrew Noel is an artist in the truest sense of the word. His skills span all disciplines as an individual who can address motives and effect.

As a painter, Andrew has long captured life through impressionist stylings. He also produces many works in abstract, portraits, and urban art.


Patrick Fell

Office Guru

Patrick Fell is a generalist, jack-of-all-trades — a trait hard to come by in the contemporary workplace. He is well read, versatile, and exercises a full grasp of his work.

He brings technical savvy and organizational structure to an otherwise wildly creative group.